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Balls in the Air!

Posted by Karen James Cody on


Lots and lots of balls in the air. And we've been treating this blog like it's a big hairy deal, instead of a note dashed off to friends every now and again just to keep in touch. I think that is not working because big hairy deals get put off - whereas notes to friends can be dashed off on the back of a postcard while sitting on the bus. Seriously.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who helped Kupendiza have a wonderful holiday season! That's why we've been so busy.

Then the inevitable brushing off, and re-upping on the inventory, and creating the cycle again. O.M.G. (We need help. Know any talented creatives looking for hours?) It's a delicate balance. Keeping. Those. Balls. In the air!


We are signing on with a new vendor. A bit different from the past. Le Look of Nigeria. It's a 30-year old company, founded by a woman. Stay tuned for more on them! But here's a sneak-peak of the new samples. We will let you know when these are in. No formal process for pre-ordering - but feel free to vote!!! 

We adore you!



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