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End-of-Summer SALE on all Kupendiza TOTE BAGS!

Posted by Karen James Cody on

When's the best time to shop? At the end of the season, of course!

I think my mother told me that. It was the 1950s, mind you. I'm sure today's true fashionistas do no such thing! (Or at least they don't admit it.) 

But for the budget-conscious among us - whether we have to be or not! - it's important to get the biggest bang for our buck - and some of the most glamorous women we know do it really well on a shoestring. Which we think is impressive. It's a game!

So please take home one of these colorful totes from African Women & Youth Initiative! And get the end-of-season discount. We've taken at least 20% off every tote bag in the collection!

These bead-encrusted beauties have been best sellers all year. From the boardroom to the beach, they seem to suit many different types of ladies. Most are one-of-a-kind. 

Proceeds from sales of AWYI bags help keep a growing number of HIV/AIDS-affected kids in Nakuru, Kenya in school, and help with shelter, health care, and life's other essentials. 

Questions? Concerns? Please call and ask!

(240) 324-6457


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