The Farmer's Markets. Getting to Know You...!

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We are pleased to be participating at two wonderful local markets!

Both the Shady Grove Farmer's Market in Rockville, Maryland and the brand new MoCo Ag & Arts Market in North Potomac, Maryland are managed by Milk Lady Markets.  

#Kupendiza at Milk Lady Markets PeachFest

 Shady Grove Farmer's Market: Wednesdays, 11-2 pm through October 26

9601 Broschart Road, Rockville, MD 20850

MoCo Ag & Arts Market: Sundays, 12-3 pm - a new market hoping to be year round.

15021 Dufief Mill Road, North Potomac, MD 20878

 For food shoppers there's a range of seasonal fresh farm goods from Maryland farms: eggs, corn, potatoes, herbs, onions, garlic, apples, peaches, plums - and of course a huge variety of tomatoes! The big leafy greens will soon be back in season as summer ripens into fall. Baked breads, cookies, muffins, nuts, and beautiful exotic teas round out the take-home food. 

Local craft beer, wines, and whiskeys are there for the sampling.  

Twin Valley Distillers at Shady Grove Farmer's Market  

Lunch at these markets is a delight, with food trucks bringing in everything from paella to crab cake sandwiches that folks line up three deep to wait for.

Happy Kupendiza shopper at the Shady Grove Farmer's Market 2016

 And then there are the artisans, like us. Besides Kupendiza handbags and purses, find natural skincare, baby clothes, handmade jewelry, and more.

A well-stocked kiddy corner keeps the littlest ones busy while parents shop.

Rockville Potters at Shady Grove Farmer's Market 2016

The most important part of these markets for us is the people we meet!

Kupendiza shopper at Shady Grove Farmer's Market 2016

The remarkable Gigi Goin - the Milk Lady - has been a mentor and become a friend, helping us find our footing in this new world of face-to-face engagement with customers. She's full of ideas for how to market more effectively in this type of venue.

While the Kupendiza brand often surprises people, showing up sandwiched between the corn and tomatoes and the food trucks, we've gotten a LOT of traffic, a bunch of new customers and mailing list subscribers, referrals to their friends, and tags for revisits during the holiday season of giving. This is priceless.

Further, we've had a chance to LISTEN to the market. We are rethinking various elements of our marketing. We realize we have to do more events! It's how you get known. 

The Milk Lady is opening a brand new, year round market on the Brookeville Beer Farm in Brookeville, Maryland - October 15th. 10-2 p.m. We can't wait!!!



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