Giving Tuesday: A Day to Support A Social Enterprise

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It's Small Business Saturday at Kupendiza this weekend! We'd love it if you considered it a day to support a social enterprise.

At Kupendiza, we're doing a SALE, of course! It's a little more authentic for our little social enterprise than Black Friday. We're SMALL. Our business partners are SMALL. It's OUR holiday!!!

Kupendiza-handbags-celebrates-small-business-saturday-2019We are shocked to read the history and learn that our holiday was started by the credit card lending giant American Express. How ironic is that?

But their motive was supposedly pure in 2010. They wanted to encourage the movement toward shopping local and supporting small businesses.

They partnered up with the Trust for Historic Preservation and pushed the idea -- and the hashtag #smallbusinesssaturday.

Small Business Saturday comes on the day after Black Friday, and just ahead of Cyber Monday. These things started out as marketing gimmicks.

Well, I think it's worked. As soon as Americans have digested their turkey, their minds are coaxed toward shopping.

Black Friday, of course, has been around since 1952, by most accounts. It's characterized by big sales and deep discounts and long lines. And it gets more of that Christmas money flowing into the U.S. economy sooner - which makes a big difference for retailers' year-end results.

Cyber Monday started in 2005. That was a strategy to get more people shopping online.

Little more than 15 years later, the volume of online shopping has completely overtaken that of in-person shopping, and seems to be growing exponentially. In 2019, some 57% of consumers prefer to shop online.

Some Millennials rarely leave the house. Certainly not to anything so mundane as shop. My children get everything from cucumbers to nose drops delivered straight to the front doorstep. Their hardest challenge is getting down to the first floor of their three-story townhouse.

(And, from where I sit at Kupendiza, dang Amazon has everyone thinking "Free Shipping" is free - a hard-to-match challenge for us really small businesses!!!)

And now we also have Giving Tuesday, another GREAT day to support a nonprofit or social enterprise business that you feel makes an impact -- in your community or the world.

So, please take the opportunity this Saturday to SHOP SMALL, SHOP LOCAL, or shop with a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE.

We keep hearing that small business is the engine of the U.S. economy. That's because people believe in their neighbors and friends, and love to support people in their communities.

So get out there and shop, folks! If not with us, consider a selection from the Social Enterprise Alliance 2019 "Toasting Good" Gift Guide. Each product in the guide is "hand-selected for its quality, design and impact on the world." Kupendiza is honored to be in the book this year.

And here are some new (and old favorite) selections from Kupendiza's shop this season!

old-favorites-beaded-handbags-caiman-leather-purses-from Kupendiza


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