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Kupendiza and Le Look: Making it Official at CBC 2017

Posted by Karen James Cody on

Kupendiza will officially launch our new relationship with Le Look House of Bags from Nigeria at this year's Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference - Sept. 20-24, 2017. Please join us for the occasion! We will be at Booth #224.


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Le Look House of Bags was founded by a woman, Chinwe Ezenwa, in 1968. Today, she is recognized as one of Nigeria's top designers, and is increasingly well known in Africa. Work at the company has put food on a lot of tables in the past 31 years, and Ezenwa's success is inspiring to the growing numbers of women business entrepreneurs sprouting up across the continent.

Now she's ready to take on the U.S. -- and she's chosen Kupendiza as one of the young diaspora companies to work with and nurture. God orders our footsteps continuously! 

We have known Le Look for awhile through Nigerian batik artist and activist Tunde Odunlade. A collaboration was taking shape. 

Chinwe Ezenwa, Founder of Le Look
The first fruits of that collaboration are now rolling out. The gorgeous Nubia handbag, artwork by Tunde Odunlade. 







 Le Look has, besides, a wealth of tradition and decades of experience working with traditional African textiles, which is their specialty. They bring unusual blends to the marketplace - like backpacks made of the precious, traditional and highly meaningful Yoruba hand-woven textile, "ase-oke."

"'Couture' does not have to mean European," Ezenwa asserts. "Our brand from the beginning has been to bring our own culture to the mix - and that's how we've been able to consistently create couture pieces that are entirely unique."


These - La Feminin - have been wildly popular!  And there's new on the horizon. Two gorgeous additions for the professional woman: workaday totes and tidy briefcases. 

La Féminin-kanga-shoulder-bag-with-chain-handle-by-Le Look-from-Kupendiza-in-various-kanga-kitenge-fabrics

Check it out.

Marrakech-compact-briefcase-from-Kupendiza-by-Le-Look-Nigeria-2017-collectionCatalonia handbag from Kupendiza by Le Look Nigeria

 Let us introduce you to Le Look at CBC. You'll be transfixed! #Africastyle

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