Memorial Day. A day for remembering.

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Memorial Day is a tough holiday for us because we're all a bunch of peaceniks over here - old hippies. Yep. Right here in the heart of the DMV, just a few miles from the Pentagon.

But we feel moved to acknowledge and appreciate the commitment in the hearts of the millions of soldiers, nurses and doctors, journalists, peacekeepers, and others who have given their lives in the defense of deeply held beliefs. And then there are the families. In a big way, the families serve too.

Memorial Day, for most of us, is just the day that the swimming pools open for the season. And the fashion police tell us that, again, it's ok to wear white. 🙄 And then there are the sales! (Wink-wink!) We are the fortunate ones.

Happy Memorial Day to all who have served, and those who will serve - and all the rest of y'all too! Be nice to a vet this week. It's the least we can do.

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