Kupendiza Blazin' at Cyndy Porter's Success thru Style Summit in Gettysburg, PA

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Is it possible to blaze and chill at the same time? Yeah, it is. I found that out last weekend.

Made new friends at Cyndy Porter's 'Success thru Style' Summit in Gettysburg, PA. 

Women in business. Taking a minute at the beginning of a new year to focus on their businesses, and themselves. It's that self-care thing people have taken to talking about these days. After last weekend, I'll have to take that more seriously. It's possible to get re-energized and re-inspired in a weekend.

It was at a place I never heard about before - but which is perfect for women's retreats: The Lodges at Gettysburg

Cyndy Porter, founder of Success thru Style

Conveniently close in (an hour and a half drive from the Washington, D.C. metro area - the DMV); and fully self-contained, with their own kitchens and catering operation. Not exactly rustic, though they try to give that appearance. The rooms are as well appointed as any nice timeshare property, and the staff is great.

It was one of those weekends in January - freezing up in the higher elevations, though only; but the warmth of the women at the Summit fully compensated for that.

While I was there with my Allyson Group Creative Director hat on--participating in the activities, even as I hung out with new friends and listened in the weekend's many quiet moments for a breakthrough in my (business) thinking--I also was making friends as Kupendiza.

See Karen Skanderson rocking a Baganara cross-body bag from African Women & Youth Initiative (AWYI) in Nakuru, Kenya.

Impeccable details, all weekend long. Lots and lots of little details, beautifully managed.

The beautiful Teresa Rutledge took home a glamorous Mazaruni bag from Kupendiza; made by Hannah's Leather & Craft of Georgetown, Guyana.


Cyndy Porter. Cute then; powerful now. Preaching the gospel on reaching way beyond where you think you can go, and personal branding for life and business.

Pamela Kabati eyeing the Mazaruni handbag at the #SuccessthruStyleSummit, her warm spirit washing over everybody in the room.

Diverse women, from many walks of life, coming together for business and mindset training - practical and spiritual - as well as focused time away from the hustle and bustle to "relax, reflect, connect, learn, and grow."

Time well spent.







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