The Nigerians are here! And we're so excited!

It has been, like, a year we've been talking about this extraordinary company that makes these gorgeous, multifaceted bags. And we're only just NOW getting their stuff in.

It's real.

Backpacks - our first real "unisex" offering. Messenger bags. And these beautiful, feminine bags modeled after the Parisienne great - but with that taste of Africa that makes them truly unique: La Féminin.

Le Look Bags Nigeria is a 30-year woman-owned company operating out of Lagos. Chinwe Ezenwa started the business to put her people to work - an impulse shared by many entrepreneurs--people with imagination, and a skill they can transfer and develop in others.


Today, award-winning Le Look is recognized as one of the top design companies in Nigeria. Kupendiza is proud to partner with them.

Stay tuned for soon-to-be-released fabric designs by Nigerian artist Tunde Odunlade on Le Look handbags!!!

Truly "wearable art." Affordable luxury.

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