Le Look Addy Messenger Bag
Le Look

Le Look Addy Messenger Bag

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Crafted with strips of Adire print fabrics and immaculately detailed, the Adire messenger bag by Le Look enters the Kupendiza lineup in response to repeated requests from the "no purse" ladies who want both hands-free and highly functional.

And for the guy who likes a funky, casual accessory when he's out and about with just his tablet, the Addy Messenger Bag simply works. (Larger version still on the way. Available for pre-order.)

This one-compartment bag has two zippered pockets inside the fold, and a flat bottom so it sets down easily. Velcro flap closure and an adjustable strap that extends to 21".


Small: 8" h x 12: w x 3" d. drop length to 21"

Large: 12" h x 10" w x 3" d. drop length up to 21"

About This Bag

This bag was made by Le Look Bags Nigeria, a 30-year woman-owned company based in Lagos.

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