Kitenge East African Print Jacket - Long
Kitenge East African Print Jacket - Long
AWYI - African Women & Youth Initiative

Kitenge East African Print Jacket - Long

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These Kenyan jackets are our first clothing item, ever! Naturally, they came to us through business partners The African Women & Youth Initiative in Nakuru. You'll love them!

About This Jacket

They come in a wide variety of "kitenge" prints. (Sometimes called Ankara.")

  • 3/4-length (L) or 1/2-length (S) only
  • Faux closure with decorative buttons
  • Colorfast. Machine washable, cold
  • 100% cotton on the outside
  • fully lined in satin, various colors

See samples in the photos below. 


[While these jackets are available for pre-order, the print pattern cannot be guaranteed. What can be guaranteed is the workmanship and the pizzazz - and these we do guarantee!]


This item was handmade in Nakuru, Kenya, by the women of the African Women and Youth Initiative (AWYI). The AWYI collective was created to support the Future African Leader's Project, an orphanage for HIV/AIDS-affected orphans in Nakuru. 

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