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Le Look Messenger Bag - Long

  • $ 4999

This bag works for gals AND guys! It may be for the guy who likes a funky, casual accessory when he's out and about with just his tablet.

Crafted with strips of Adire print fabrics - or the traditional hand-woven "aso-oke," or "family cloth," the long-style messenger bag by Le Look is both beautiful and highly functional.

This one-compartment bag has two zippered pockets inside the fold, and a flat bottom so it sets down easily. Velcro flap closure and an adjustable strap that extends to 21".

Any of this style messenger bag is available for PRE-ORDER**

**Please note that fabrics come and go and cannot be guaranteed. Your pre-order will be made as close as possible to the pattern you ordered.


12" h x 10" w x 3" d. drop length up to 21"

About This Bag

This bag was made by Le Look Bags Nigeria, a 31-year woman-owned company based in Lagos.

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